Elemental Lords

Planet Bomb is made up of four elemental groups that are the source of energy and life on the planet and the leaders of these four groups are the Elemental Lords

Wave Elemental: Jarraquel, representing the water that nourishes life

Storm Elemental: Mahotab for the never-ending wind

Earth Elemental: Rock for the earth that nurtures all things

The Flame Elemental: Agrarom for the fire that consumes the world

The Four Elemental Lords are the strongest of the bomb and are extremely difficult to obtain. By Minting 100 Epic Boxes, you can obtain 1 random elemental fragment (water, wind, earth, and fire) and three of the same fragment will summon the corresponding elemental lord.

The Elemental Lord will have the ability to enchant elemental abilities for subsequent functions which is extremely important.

The Elemental Lords will play an irreplaceable role in the second and third seasons of Elemental Rebellion, where players will have to assist the Elemental Lords in quelling the rebellion in the four elemental realms and exploring the new worlds of Terra Nova, Firelands, Storm's Peak, and Atlantis.

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