Token burning and destruction mechanism

  • Fixed ratio burning: Under this mechanism, every time a player makes a transaction or purchases an in-game item, the system will automatically destroy a certain percentage of tokens.

  • Continuous burning: We will regularly burn in-game tokens according to specific conditions or time nodes.

  • Consumption burning: In the game, players need to consume tokens to upgrade, build equipment or other in-game activities. These consumed tokens will be directly destroyed, thereby reducing the total amount of tokens in the game.

  • Stake Burn: We adopt a staking mechanism that allows players to stake their own tokens to obtain in-game privileges or services. After the mortgage expires or the conditions are met, a certain percentage of the mortgaged tokens will be destroyed.

  • Transaction fee burning: When conducting token transactions, we will charge a certain fee. 50% of these fees will be used for the repurchase and destruction of tokens, thereby reducing the total amount of tokens in circulation.

  • Liquidity mining and burning: In DeFi projects, liquidity providers (LP) provide funds to support trading pairs and receive transaction fees in return. We will use 50% of the service fee collected for token repurchase and destruction

  • Community vote burn: I will also adopt a decentralized governance model, allowing players to vote on token burn proposals. If the majority of players agree, the burn proposal will be implemented and the corresponding tokens will be burned.

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