Participate and Get Special Privilege and Rewards

Epic Box is 100 USDT/USDC each.

The box is guaranteed to open 6 random Mobile Bomb cards (except for the four elemental lords) with a 45% chance of opening an additional full Mobile Bomb and a 7.5% chance of opening a special gunner!

Special Event: To promote the USDS, a one-off casting of 10 Bomb Boxes will give you 800 USDS and 30 Space Tickets. (Whitelist users will receive 820 USDS)

Take note that every 10 boxes you buy will give you more cashback and additional bonus. Join our whitelist where the 500 winners will get more money back for every 10 Bomb Park Epic Boxes you buy. Please check the Whitelist Rule section for more information about it.

The campaign will last for 45 days and only 30,000 Epic Box will be sold at the end of the campaign, the remaining Epic Box will revert to their original price of 100 usdt/usdc and no more USDS will be given away.

In order to ensure the rights of players and the healthy development of the platform, the official sale of treasure chests will be launched 4 times a year, each sale will be limited, and the pricing of each sale will increase by 5% from 100 usdt/usdc/usds, i.e. 20% annual increase, we do not want to over-hype the market, and we will intentionally control our sales pricing for the long-term sound development of the game. Outside of the official sales period, the only way to get your beloved Mobile Bomb is through the NFT market and player trading!

To reward our loyal Warriors and Brawlers, all holders from Warsindia and Eternal Brawl will get 1 free Bomb Park Epic Box.

Compete for Pre-Sale Rankings

The first-place winner will receive design access to President Bomb, an exclusive customized hero, and an offer to come to Australia to participate in the design and study tour, paid for by the company.

2nd-5th place, 4 random elemental pieces

6th-10th place, one complete Elemental Lord at random

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