Notes For Army Box Safe Transaction?

Guidelines for Safe Transactions

Any peer-to-peer transactions are performed at your own risk. Please be aware that peer-to-peer trading is risky, and the team does not promote it to obtain Army Boxes. However, before the market is fully operational, transactions are expected, so we want to make sure that no scams occur.

Important information for secure peer-to-peer transactions

Find someone who can assure your trading partner if at all possible. Do not invest the entire sum at once. If you want to buy something for $100, split the purchase into four $25 transactions.

Make sure you understand the terms of the transaction before proceeding. This should mention the cryptocurrency's exact value as well as the network to which the cryptocurrency will be transmitted. 100 dollars USDC on Ethereum, 100 dollars MATIC on Polygon, and 100 dollars BUSD on BSC, for example. Discuss trades in the #trading channel's private thread and not in DMs. This is only visible to moderators, admins, and those who have been invited.

Inquire about the seller's motivation for selling and the purchase price. Only utilize the website's transfer Army Box option because it is the safest and only way to move your Army box and the gas is absolutely free for transfers.

Transaction using a middleman

The employment of intermediaries can totally eliminate risk in large transactions. The Discord server's moderator can serve as an intermediary. Please do not utilize an intermediary who is unfamiliar with the community; otherwise, you will lose everything.

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