Epic Box Benefits

Rewards for Loyal Holders

As we give utmost importance and priority to our loyal Warriors and Brawlers, you will all receive special privileges from Bomb Park.

WarSindia and Eternal Brawl Holders

WarSindia Army Box holders are entitled to 1 free Bomb Park Epic Box. Eternal Brawl Summoning Stone holders are also entitled to 1 free Bomb Park Epic Box. Those who hold both Army Boxes and Summoning Stones will be given 1 free Bomb Park Epic Box and 7 Space Tickets. Take note that Space Ticket is the exclusive currency of Bomb Park used to buy, spend, and play! It can be exchanged 1:1 for USDS.

TOP 10 WarSindia and Eternal Brawl Holders

The Top 10 WarSindia Army Box holders will each receive 1 Shard of an Elemental Lord. The Top 10 Eternal Brawl Summoning Stones holders will also receive 1 Shard of an Elemental Lord each. If you are loyal enough to be part of both Top 10 holders, you will receive 2 random Shards. Shards can either be Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire. We have 4 Elemental Lords: Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire Elemental Lord, and an Elemental Lord needs three identical Shards to synthesize!

Epic Box

As a special opportunity, everyone who buys 10 Epic Boxes will get not only 10 Epic Boxes but an additional 80% Payback in USDS and 30 Space Tickets.

For example, when you purchase 100 Bomb Park Epic Boxes you will receive an additional 8k payback in USDS, 300 Space Tickets, and 1 Random Shard of the Elemental Lord. The good thing about Shards of the Elemental Lords is that they can be swapped with other players. If you buy more than 100 Epic Boxes, you need to wait for the Presale Event to end to get your random Shard of the Elemental Lord.

Elemental Lord

This is a reminder that the Elemental Lords are the strongest in existence and very difficult to obtain.

If you have the Elemental Lord:

  • People have to pay you if they want 5-25% of Elemental Attack or Elemental Defense. The Elemental Damage of an Enchantment is decided by the owner for example 1 USDS or more.

  • Just imagine if there are 100,000 players in the game and they would all be needing Elemental Attack or Defense to win the game, there will be unlimited income for you.

  • The Elemental Lord will bring you endless wealth.

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