Crusader Army

Witness the emergence of legendary warriors and soldiers.

Legendary Heroes


Granoff: The most fortunate of them all. He is the eldest son of the King's younger brother, Sade, and was born into the Royal Family. He's the commander of the Royal Knightage, a Duke with a vast estate, and the empire's most illustrious swordsman. He is the Crusader Army's Leader and the darling of all the young people on the Sindia Continent.


Ovilian: The Elf Clan's youngest daughter, who has been blessed by the tree of life since she was born when a virid green leaf entered her body. She has demonstrated extraordinary natural instincts and amazing talents since she was a toddler. She has a personality that despises evil and has the fortitude to reject it.


Gaga: An unstoppable heroine with the lofty ambition of measuring the Continent of Sindia with her own feet. She is a Meteorological researcher from the country of Sindia and a fragile young Rabbit-girl of the Here-folk Clan. She is a little Rabbit Girl with tremendous strength.

Valiant Soldiers

  • Archer

  • Crusader

  • Prist

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