Token Empowerment

The Power of Funny Coin

Token-enabled transactions for ecosystem network, purchasing of ecosystem game lands, cities, buying guild NFTs, including voting and governance rights, liquidity mining, staking rewards, social media (SocialFi), live streaming tips, esports gambling, public chain, decentralized exchanges (DEX) tokens.

  1. Ecological network transaction fees - "Ecological Network Transaction Fee" refers to the transaction fee paid by participants in an ecological network when they conduct transactions. This fee is usually paid in the form of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This fee is usually paid by the initiator to ensure the security and effectiveness of the transaction, that is, in the whole FUC ecological system, we will use the FUC token as payment.

  2. Game ecology - All games under the Space Guild flag require the use of Funny Coin. Our earnings are divided into two parts, stable income and floating income. Stable returns: We welcome players to pledge funny coins or funny tickets and offer a stable return of 6-8%. The game profits are shared among all players. In addition, we have a rich and stable investment portfolio such as government bonds, real estate, etc. in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Colombia to ensure the safety of investors' principals while earning considerable stable returns while playing the game! Floating returns: For those investors seeking higher returns, they can participate in the competitions within all games under Space. If you have enough confidence in your gaming skills, you can earn an annual return of 8% or even higher, up to 30% to 40%. It all depends on your understanding of the game and your gaming level. Security: We have experienced actuaries and analysts. All economic models and data are transparent and publicly available. The perfect balance between stable returns and high floating returns has been achieved. We guarantee that all players participating in GameFi will face almost no risk of loss, and players can switch between high returns and stable returns at their own discretion." Developer entry: The launch of 5 games by Space is just the beginning of the journey. In order to empower Funny Coin, we plan to increase the number of games to dozens in the future. We invite game development companies from all countries to join us and all development costs, including listing fees, must be paid in Funny Coin.

  3. Guild land - As the game ecosystem develops and the number of community players grows, we encourage players to form organizations spontaneously. Therefore, we have created guild lands for players to use. The lords of the guild lands can issue tasks or advertisements for guild members to carry out in exchange for rewards. Each guild is a good business, accepting advertisements, renting heroes, and issuing tasks, which can attract players and provide employment for the poor in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. We will regularly distribute funny tickets as charity and benefits to attract people to play, thus screening and attracting investors. In the blockchain gaming ecosystem, cities and lands can use blockchain technology to achieve true ownership and traceable transactions, making virtual assets in the game have real value and liquidity, and providing players with a more interesting and meaningful gaming experience.

  4. Guild NFT - The chain game guild NFT refers to a non-homogeneous token (NFT) based on blockchain technology, used to represent the guild organization in the game. Specifically, the chain game guild NFT can include the guild name, logo, guild member list, guild level, guild contribution, and other information. Players who hold guild NFTs can represent the guild in various activities in the game, such as participating in competitions, battles, socializing, etc. At the same time, the guild NFT can also be used for trading or transfer within the game, increasing the liquidity and tradability of the guild. Based on blockchain technology, the chain game guild NFT has features such as immutability, decentralization, and traceability, and can effectively guarantee the interests and reputation of the guild.

  5. Voting Governance Right - The main difference between blockchain-based games and other games lies in decentralization. Although many people are talking about it, the platform truly embraces it by making FUC holders a part of all crucial business decisions. This is a platform owned by the community where FUC holders decide on each important topic through a fair and transparent voting mechanism. Token holders can use the FUC tokens they hold to participate in the right to make governance decisions for the project. Token holders can vote to decide on some key issues, such as network upgrades, fee adjustments, governance model changes, new game launches, new mode definitions, etc. This allows FUC holders to participate in the governance and development of the project and also increases the participation and cohesiveness of the community.

  6. Fluid Mining - The liquidity Pool is composed of two tokens, such as FUC/USDT, FUC/ETH, which require a certain amount of both tokens to be added to the pool in order to provide liquidity. It is important to note that the amount of the two tokens are equal in order to maximize the returns of liquidity providers. After adding liquidity, liquidity tokens (LP Tokens) corresponding to the tokens can be obtained, and these tokens can be used to participate in mining. Participating in liquidity mining requires depositing the liquidity tokens into the mining contract and earning the corresponding mining rewards. After a certain amount of mining rewards have accumulated, it is possible to realize profits by converting the mining rewards into the original tokens or other tokens.

  7. Staking Rewards - Token staking rewards refer to the process of participating in the security and maintenance of a network by locking tokens in a specific smart contract and receiving a certain amount of tokens as a reward. Token staking rewards are commonly referred to as "mining" or "yield". The purpose of token staking rewards is to incentivize token holders to participate in the network of the token, and jointly maintain the security and stability of the network. By participating in token staking, token holders can provide security assurance for the network and receive corresponding token rewards. This reward mechanism can help the ecosystem of the token become more prosperous and stable. The specific mechanism of token staking rewards is usually implemented through a smart contract. FUC token holders can lock their tokens in a specific smart contract and participate in the maintenance and security assurance of the network of the token. During the participation process, holders will receive a certain amount of FUC token rewards as an incentive. The benefit of token staking rewards is that it can encourage token holders to actively participate in the maintenance and security assurance of the network of the token, thereby strengthening the stability and sustainability of the entire ecosystem. At the same time, token staking rewards can also provide token holders with an additional source of income to help them maximize investment returns. Stable Returns: We welcome players to stake Funny Coin or Funny Ticket, and offer a stable return of 6-8%. The game revenue is shared among all players. In addition, we have a rich and stable investment portfolio in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Colombia, such as purchasing government bonds and real estate, to ensure the safety of the investors' capital and provide them with considerable stable returns while playing the game. in the competitions of all games under the Space banner. If you have enough confidence in your athletic level, you can earn an annualized return of 8% or even higher, such as 30% to 40%, depending on your understanding and athletic level of the game. Note: If you lack confidence in your gaming skills, you can hire players to play for you, and you will share higher returns. Security guarantee: We have experienced actuaries and analysts, and all economic models and data are transparent and open. The perfect balance between stable returns and floating high returns is achieved in the stable returns and floating high returns. We guarantee that all players participating in Gamefi will almost not face the risk of losses, and players can switch between high returns and stable returns on their own initiative.

  8. SocialFi (SocialFi) Decentralization - SocialFi provides decentralized financial services through blockchain technology, reducing the risks associated with centralized services, such as fraud and hacking attacks. Decentralization also helps to improve the stability and reliability of the system. Transparency: SocialFi uses blockchain technology to enhance the transparency of financial transactions, all transactions can be publicly recorded on the blockchain, and users can query and audit at any time, which enhances the credibility of the platform. Financial and social integration: SocialFi combines financial services with social media to provide a one-stop social financial platform. Users can engage in social interaction, investment management, lending, and other financial services on this platform to meet diverse needs. Enhance user participation: SocialFi encourages users to participate in financial services through social media, such as expressing opinions, sharing investment insights, etc., to increase user participation and activity.

  9. Live Streaming Rewards Transparency - Blockchain technology can provide an open and transparent record of live streaming rewards, enabling viewers to see clearly their reward behavior and the total earnings received by the hosts. This helps to enhance the trust and credibility of the platform. Security: The decentralized nature of blockchain technology ensures data security during the rewarding process. Additionally, through the use of smart contract technology, transactions can be automatically executed and tamper-proof, reducing the risk of fraud. Authenticity: Reward behavior recorded on the blockchain cannot be altered, which helps to avoid false rewards and ensure the authenticity of reward behavior. Increased Viewer Participation: Live streaming rewards on the blockchain can adopt cryptocurrencies or tokens to encourage viewers to participate in live streaming interactions and thereby increase viewer participation and activity. Encouragement of Innovation: The blockchain-based reward system can better motivate hosts to create high-quality content, thus improving the overall content quality and competitiveness of the live streaming platform. New Business Models: Blockchain-based live streaming rewards can bring new business models, such as reward-based advertising promotion, virtual gift trading, etc., bringing more revenue streams to the live streaming platform.

  10. Esports Gambling Transparency - Blockchain technology can ensure the transparency of esports competition results and gambling data, reducing unfair practices and enhancing the trust and credibility of the platform. Security: The decentralized and tamper-proof features of blockchain technology can ensure the security of data during e-sports and betting activities. Smart contract technology can ensure the automatic execution and tamper-proofing of transactions, reducing the risk of fraud. Real-time Settlement: Blockchain technology can achieve a real-time settlement, allowing users to avoid waiting for third-party settlements, and increasing the convenience of the e-sports and betting experience. Privacy protection: Blockchain technology can ensure the protection of user privacy, allowing users to participate in e-sports and betting activities without revealing their identity, enhancing privacy security. Low transaction fees: Blockchain technology can reduce transaction costs, making the transaction fees lower in e-sports and betting activities, saving costs for both users and platforms. Cross-platform interoperability: Blockchain technology can enable asset circulation between different e-sports and betting platforms, allowing users to use the same token for e-sports and betting activities on different platforms, increasing convenience. Cross-platform Interoperability: Blockchain technology can achieve the flow of assets between different e-sports and gambling platforms, allowing users to use the same cryptocurrency for e-sports and gambling activities on different platforms, increasing convenience. Globalized Market: Blockchain technology can break through geographical restrictions and create a global e-sports and gambling market, attracting more users to participate and enhancing the competitiveness of the entire industry. Decentralized Autonomy: Blockchain technology can achieve decentralized autonomy, allowing users to vote and modify e-sports and gambling rules through community consensus, enhancing the fairness and transparency of the platform.

  11. Decentralized Exchange - A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a trading platform based on blockchain technology, which differs from centralized exchanges (CEX) in that it does not rely on a centralized trading institution to manage users' assets and handle transactions. Instead, DEX uses distributed ledger technology and smart contracts to achieve decentralized trading and management. In a decentralized exchange, users' assets are not stored in centralized accounts of the exchange but are controlled by the users themselves through their private keys on the blockchain. Matching and execution of trades is also not completed by a centralized trading institution but is automatically executed by smart contracts. Therefore, DEX has higher security, transparency, and credibility, and has decentralized advantages in politics, finance, and economics. Although decentralized exchanges have matured technically, their market share is still small, mainly because their user interface and experience are relatively complex and liquidity is low. However, as blockchain technology continues to develop, the user experience and liquidity of DEXs are constantly improving, and they may become a more widely used method of cryptocurrency trading in the future. As the FUC guild's ecosystem gradually improves, we will issue our own exchange, trade NFTs from our partnered games and guild NFTs, issuing and pre-selling ecological coins, and trade mainstream coins, all of which will be completed here.

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