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Background of the Guild Inception (2020)

Space Guild was founded in 2020 as a small gaming team based on the blockchain game Axie. In 2020, Axie Infinity became one of the most popular blockchain games in the world. In this game, players can battle and compete by owning and nurturing various adorable creatures called "Axies." The success of this game also inspired a group of young entrepreneurs in the blockchain gaming sector. So, in places like Colombia, the Philipines, and Australia, some young people who were passionate about blockchain gaming began exploring how to develop businesses and communities through Axie Infinity. They created an organization called "Space Guild" to provide a platform for communication, collaboration, and learning for Axie Infinity players around the world.

Expansion (2021) As the Space Guild successfully operated in Axie, the team began to attract more members and connect with other players through social media and offline events to share their experiences and skills in the game. Members of the guild also started creating their own Axie teams and improving their game skills and earnings through participating in competitions and challenges. The guild also explored ways to combine the Axie Infinity gaming experience with a business model. They collaborated with some investors and sponsors of Axie Infinity to create virtual "Axie Farms," recruiting other players to earn game tokens. These tokens were also used to support the operation and development of the guild. Through continuous efforts, members of the Axie Space Guild gradually expanded their organization and their voices were heard by the developers and community of Axie Infinity. Members of the guild began actively participating in discussions and decision-making in the construction and development of the Axie Infinity community. The guild became a part of the community and its members began to play an increasingly important role. Axie Space Guild gradually became an important organization in the blockchain gaming field and also provided a vibrant and innovative platform for Axie Infinity players worldwide. Through the development of Axie Infinity, the guild also gradually realized its own expansion.

Innovation Breakthrough (2022): After conducting thorough market research and analysis, the Space Guild began to consider how to change the current state of blockchain games and bring a better gaming experience to players. They decided to create a new blockchain gaming platform to consolidate the current blockchain gaming market and attract traditional online gamers. To achieve this goal, guild members started studying different token issuance models and collaborated with blockchain technology and market experts to develop a complete token issuance and management plan. They decided to call the token "Space Token", abbreviated as FUC. This token will be issued and managed through smart contracts and has multiple functions and uses. The construction of the new blockchain gaming platform was launched. The platform is dedicated to providing players with high-quality blockchain gaming experiences while making it easier for game developers to access and release games. To further promote the platform, the Space Guild has collaborated with major game developers to bring a series of popular games to the platform. Becoming the "Steam" of Blockchain Games (2023) After a year of effort, Space Guild has successfully built its blockchain gaming platform into a leader in the industry, known as the "Steam" of blockchain games. The platform has a range of quality games and has attracted a large number of traditional online gamers. Space Guild's goal is to make blockchain games mainstream and closely integrate blockchain technology with the gaming industry. Future Prospects: With the successful operation of the platform, Space Guild will continue to expand its global market, attracting more game developers and players. At the same time, Space Guild will also research and develop new blockchain gaming technologies to maintain its leading position in the industry and bring players continuous innovation and quality experience.

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