Space Guild Business Model

Guild territories and Guild Lords

The Space Guild ecosystem consists of Guild territories that are owned by Guild Lords who are responsible for its growth and development. A Guild gains prominence based on two metrics β€” total Guild territory and the number of Guild members that the territory has. Accordingly, it would be classified into basic, hero, or legendary guilds, which are the three guild levels. The guild lords or owners can grow their territories through buyouts or by recruiting more guild members in order to level up.

Guild Territory

The Guild territory refers to the virtual land owned by a particular Guild on the Space Guild platform. Each Guild depicts an independent holy Sindia region. Upon meeting certain requirements, the respective Guild’s Owner can unleash its secret feature that allows the creation of resources that are specific to that particular Guild. This could be anything like crystals, weapons, minerals, or anything else that is connected to the respective Guild.

Rewards for the Guild Members

A Guild can start generating passive income through the creation of Guild-specific resources when the basic criterion to activate passive income is met. This simply requires a particular Guild to have 10% or more of the platform’s total Guild membership. Based on this and certain other metrics like territorial ownership, the top-performing Guilds are then classified into one of the three types β€” basic, hero, and legendary.

This classification defines how many rewards bonuses a specific Guild’s members would receive. While members of all the guilds receive reward bonuses, the members of the Basic Guild receive a 3% extra, those on the Hero guilds receive a 5% extra, while those on the Legendary guild receive a 10% extra. So, how much the members of a guild earn depends on the efforts of the Guild Lord towards leveling up.

Income of the Guild Lord

The Guild Lord or the Owner of a particular Guild can generate revenues in many ways. In this regard, the Lord has massive freedom because he can set up literally any commercial establishment and sell related products in the form of digital collectibles.

For instance, if the Guild Lord chooses to set up a blacksmith shop, he can sell weapons. Likewise, he may choose to set up a goldsmith shop that sells gems or other valuables. In fact, the Lord can also set up an advertisement billboard or task hall.

Since the Guild Lord owns the guild territory, he is free to collect taxes and redistribute them in the form of rewards for the completion of tasks in the Guild’s task halls.

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