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Funny Coin | The Governance Token
The $FUC is the governance token of Space Guild and as in the case of any platform, it is the powerhouse that controls the ecosystem and regulates its activities. The purpose of this governance token is to hand over the platform’s control to a passionate community of gamers and developers who then take over the decision-making process.

The Goals Behind Implementing the $FUC into the Space Guild Ecosystem:

Space Guild

To Decentralize Governance

The key differentiator between blockchain-based games and other games is decentralization. While many talks about it, the Space Guild platform embraces it in the truest sense by letting $FUC Holders be part of all critical business decisions. This is a community-owned platform where the $FUC holders decide on every important topic through a fair and transparent voting mechanism.
Space Guild is on a mission to create a truly community-owned and operated microeconomy that unleashes a host of possibilities. From token supply management to treasury — all the critical decisions would be made by the community. This enormous amount of control in terms of decision-making puts the community in charge of everything that affects them. Since they invest time and money into the platform, they ought to have control over its utilization.

Reward Users

Play-to-Earn games have a very high engagement rate and a driven community of passionate gamers. Nevertheless, in many countries, it is considered to be illegal. Since the respective nation can only track its official fiat currency and regulate its movement, rewarding users through a token that can be encashed against fiat currencies or other crypto is preferred.
Therefore, the platform makes use of the $FUC tokens to reward users. The supply of this token is capped at 1 billion to ensure a steady increase in the token’s value as the ecosystem gains popularity and the demand exceeds availability.
In other words, the $FUC would be the platform’s native currency and be used to reward the deserving — developers, gamers, and others who contribute to the platform’s overall growth. In doing so, staking pools and rewards would also be introduced so as to maintain adequate liquidity within the ecosystem at all times.
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