Token Consumption


Token Consumption

1.Ecological Network Transaction Fees FUC tokens can be used as fees for chain transactions and users need to pay a certain amount of FUC as a fee when they conduct a transaction. This will help to maintain the consumption of the token.

2.Purchase of Land and Cities The core items in the five games in the ecosystem, including land and cities, will be purchased using FUC tokens. As the games go online, this will be a huge consumption, and there will be more cooperative games to come online in the future.

3. Purchase of Guild NFT Guild NFTs are a core part of the entire ecosystem with high application value and a very limited issuance. Holding a guild NFT can enjoy the transaction fee dividends from the entire ecosystem network, as well as token airdrops from ecological games, including presale quotas, and so on.

4、In-game consumption: In-game purchase: Players can use the platform currency to purchase virtual items, props, equipment, and characters in the game. This will increase the practical value of the platform currency and encourage players to actively participate in the game. In-game trading: Players can use the platform currency to trade game items, which will provide the platform with a certain amount of transaction fee income. Game licensing and partnerships: Game developers can use the platform currency to pay for partnership fees, copyright fees, and other expenses to bring their game to the platform. Cross-game interoperability: The platform currency can serve as a common currency across games, allowing players to easily trade and pay between different games. Game presale and crowdfunding: By participating in game presale and crowdfunding activities with the platform currency, users can receive priority experience qualifications or other rewards for new games. As more cooperative games are launched in the future, the actual application scenarios of the platform currency will continue to expand, which will help to increase the value of the platform currency. As more cooperative games are launched in the future, the actual use scenarios of platform coins will expand, which will help increase the value of platform coins.

5、SocialFi (Social Finance) Rewards and incentives: On social platforms, users can send tokens to other users or content creators as rewards. This can encourage creators to continue creating high-quality content, while also giving users recognition. Advertisement fees: Companies or individuals can use tokens to purchase advertising space to increase their brand or product exposure on social platforms. In-app purchases on social platforms: Users can use tokens to purchase virtual goods, emoji, memberships, etc. on social platforms. This can bring revenue to social platforms and increase the actual application value of the token.

6、Live streaming and rewards Rewards and incentives: Viewers can use FUC to send rewards to hosts or live rooms. This not only motivates hosts to provide high-quality content, but also increases interaction between viewers and hosts. Purchase of virtual gifts: Viewers can use FUC to purchase virtual gifts provided by the live streaming platform and express support to the host. Virtual gifts can be redeemed for cash or other rewards, bringing income to the host. Unlock member privileges: Viewers can use FUC to purchase member services on the live streaming platform and receive privileges such as early viewing and private live streaming. This will help the platform attract more paying users. Participate in interactive games: Live streaming platforms can offer interactive games and viewers can participate using FUC. For example, viewers can bet on the outcome of a host completing a challenge and win token rewards. Advertising: Companies or individuals can use FUC to purchase ad space in live rooms to increase the visibility of their brand or product. Anchor Authentication and Upgrading Level: Anchors can use FUC for certification or to upgrade their level, thus gaining more recommendations and exposure opportunities.

7. Esports Gambling Betting: Users can use tokens to participate in various esports gambling activities, such as electronic sports competitions and traditional sports events. After betting, users who win will receive a reward based on the pre-set odds. Buying Lottery: Users can use tokens to buy lottery tickets and participate in lottery draws. Winners will receive prizes, and tokens from non-winners will be considered as consumption. Participating in Prize Pool: Users can use tokens to participate in prize pool activities, such as predicting game results and rankings. The winner will share the tokens in the prize pool according to pre-set rules. With the launch of many cooperative games on the platform and the implementation of various application scenarios, tokens will be widely consumed in the entire ecosystem. These consumption scenarios include in-game purchases, transactions, cross-game interoperability, community governance, etc. As tokens continue to be consumed in these scenarios, their scarcity will gradually become apparent, thereby increasing their value. In addition, the platform can further enhance the circulation and attraction of tokens through incentives, liquidity mining, and pledging. Therefore, the scarcity and value of tokens will be fully demonstrated in this constantly developing ecosystem, bringing long- term value growth to the platform and users.

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