Crusader Army 3D

Our Characters Just Got Bigger, Better, and more Realistic

Legendary Heroes


Granoff: The luckiest of them all. He was raised in the Royal Family as the oldest child of the King's younger brother, Sade. He is the leader of the Royal Knightage, a Duke with a sizable estate, and the most renowned swordsman in the empire. He is the leader of the Crusader Army and the favorite of every young person on the Sindia Continent.


Ovilian: The Princess of the Elf Clan, the youngest, blessed by the tree of life from the moment she was born, when a vivid green leaf entered her body. Since she was a young child, she has had incredible natural intuition and amazing talents. She has the character to hate evil and the strength to reject it.


Gaga: Unstoppable heroine with the ambitious goal of standing on her own two feet and measuring the entire continent of Sindia. She is a young, frail Rabbit-girl of the Here-folk Clan and a meteorological researcher from Sindia. She is a tiny Rabbit Girl, but she is incredibly strong

Valiant Soldiers




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