Competitive Advantage

What sets Eternal Brawl apart from other games

Social mining

Eternal Brawl is a product of web3 social mining agency. It has strong social attributes. Players can participate in daily forwarding advertising tasks for free to obtain memory dust, which can be exchanged for NFT assets with value circulation attributes. This process is without bubbles., because advertising forwarding itself has huge commercial value.

Fun and Joy

Different from general blockchain games, Eternal Brawl is a real multiplayer online competitive game with powerful entertainment attributes. The game mode is divided into Brawl Mode, Classical Mode, Rank Mode, and Happy Mode. No matter which mode, players can choose their favorite heroes to use their skills to fight. Players will share a set of decks to take turns. The deck contains magic cards, equipment cards, weapon cards, mounts, and holy objects. We offer free heroes for everyone to play, so everyone can participate.

(Rare heroes need to be obtained through the Summon Stone or Guild quest)

Investing Attributes

If you are not good at playing games and just want to invest, Eternal Brawl also has your seat. You can get income by pledging NFT heroes for other players to play or get income by gambling game results. And the Eternal Brawl team will hold e-sports events for a long time, games, and media to help expand the player's base.

Collection Attributes

No matter which country the hero comes from or which fairy tale, the hero is a unique NFT that can be traded. In order to ensure the scarcity and competitiveness of the hero, the development team will continue to update and optimize the hero!

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