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An innovative blockchain-based decentralized metaverse consisting of virtual land and other digital assets with real-world value.

As a Web3 project, Space Guild has always aimed to create a gaming microeconomy through its ingenious business model designed to redistribute profits across its gaming community.

Our market prospects are very broad, and the future value is also very large!

The global gaming industry is growing at an alarming rate, and its market value is estimated to exceed $256.97 billion by the end of 2025 (Techjury, 2022). While this is only a rough figure, the growth rate is likely to be higher due to the surge in the adoption of blockchain technology. The emerging web3 sceneβ€”an umbrella term that includes cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverseβ€”may seem to be on the fringes of many mainstream businesses, but it is sure to affect every organization like the internet.

Our Mission

βœ… Benefit more guild participants through various promotion tasks.

βœ… Remove the risk of Ponzi scheme through a reasonable economic model.

βœ… Create a platform metaverse not only in the realm of Gamefi, but in the realm of all Web3.

Competitive Advantage

The current Gamefi business model is still in its initial stages. There are many people who see the Gamefi project, but there is no way to promote it better. This is the current industry pain point for Gamefi.

Saving on Promotion Costs

There are more and more blockchain projects than ever before. In this situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to promote blockchain projects. According to Google's report (2021), most companies spend at least $9,000 to $10,000 per month on average on Google ads. And the fact is that Google is unable to really find potential consumers and investors who are interested in GameFi and blockchain. Not only does this promotion fail to capture quality leads, but it also consumes a lot of energy from the project owner for operations and SEO. Whereas for us at Space Guild , our members are not only potential quality investors but effective marketers!

Higher conversion rates with precise targeting

Our guild has a large number of quality potential customers and can assign precise customers to each project it wants to promote.

Increasing conversion rates is one of the core tasks in operations and means lower costs and higher profits for the business. When we have a high conversion rate, it means we can place boldly and finance the burning of money to pull users to build a strong competitive barrier. This not only saves promotion costs but also increases promotion efficiency.

A Bustling Microeconomy

Space Guild project is an innovative blockchain-based GameFi platform built with an ingenious business model that positions it for growth. It is architected to create a competitive environment that unlocks revenue sources as the platform grows, which in turn encourages the members to strengthen their respective guild by bringing in more members. This ensures steady organic growth and results in a bustling microeconomy.

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