Heroes (Game Characters)

Hero Categories

Eternal Brawl is a card game featuring well-known characters from all over the world and from different genres such as Zeus, Odin, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Loki, Medusa, Genghis Khan, and even Doge Coin, among others. These cards and characters are famous figures, with the characters' powers being the most striking. Each character in the game has a unique skill that corresponds to the historical figure's persona, pursuits, strengths and weaknesses, manner of passing, and noteworthy experiences.

The Heroes category includes๏ผš

๏ฟฎ Demon

๏ฟฎ God

๏ฟฎ Monster

๏ฟฎ Human

The hero cards are displayed according to each category, with different colored borders for different camps, as follows.

๏ฟฎ Demon - Red

๏ฟฎ God - yellow

๏ฟฎ Monster - green

๏ฟฎ Human - blue

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