Project Advantages

Why WarSindia is Beyond the Ordinary
WarSindia aims to be the Ultimate Metaverse Empire. To realize this goal, we have dedicated unimaginable time, effort, and resources to create a project that is beyond the ordinary.

Deeply Bound to the Game for Greater Participation.

There is a complementary relationship between the Game Guild and the GameFi Project and NFT project. Currently, the Game Guild gains revenue through participation in early Chain Game projects and NFT pre-sales thereby providing additional revenue for guild members. In order to make this model sustainable, game guilds can consider reaching deep cooperation with chain tours and NFT projects in the future. Here, game guild members have the opportunity to participate in decision-making on important matters of chain tour and NFT projects thereby enhancing the interaction and participation of game guild members with the cooperative projects. This will also link the development of game guilds, the development of chain tour/NFT projects, and the enhancement of revenue.

Optimized Economic Model

The act of pledging in GameFi underpins the economy of any given game and opens up a world of transactions. It can be used to model the monetary system we see in every country in the world.
Is staking really that important? The simple answer is, yes. Currencies need to circulate and remain liquid to work, and pledges encourage this by rewarding pledges with more tokens. By incentivizing players to hold more tokens over a longer period, the game can organically grow a thriving economy with additional benefits for its most loyal or active players.
Unlike other 'play to earn' GameFi projects, our Staking mechanism does not directly reward players generously, but rather distributes rewards through our probability. As there are now many Ponzi schemes, our economic model specifically takes into account Ponzi schemes and makes defences against them. Our staking mechanism does not directly reward the player with all the earnings, we are trying to guarantee the staked principal value first and also try to guarantee the player earnings. Players can choose the robust low return option, which is safe and risk-free. If you are looking for high returns, you can choose to generate tokens (UGT) for use in the game, and eventually you have to convert it into more valuable tokens (SPT) by playing the game, and in the process of conversion, it may become more or less!

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are automatable and enforceable agreements, allowing for trackable and credible transactions on the Blockchain without the need for verification via third parties. It is an auto-executable piece of code implementing arbitrary rules on a computer with distributed consensus. When this code is live, it cannot be censored or shut down.
Smart contracts are analogous to the business logic instantiated in code in businesses and organizations around the world, the difference being that here, the code runs on a code that no one party controls or can turn off. The implementation of smart contracts puts every detail of the contract into the light.
Virtually, the terms and conditions of the contract become explicitly visible to the different network players of the specific blockchain. Thus, once the contract is established, changes cannot be easily implemented. Each transaction by either party in the contract is monitored and controlled by other network nodes in the blockchain. As a result, transparency is promoted and issues of fraud are eliminated.
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