The Legend of Sindia

The Hymn of Heroes | This Vast Territory is Destined to have an Extraordinary Future

Thousands of years ago, legend has it that the continent stretched on indefinitely. Even if you continued traveling until the end of time, the continent's borders would remain inaccessible.

Humans were slaves to another species of creatures with towering heights and deformed bodies on this vast land. In contrast to the defenseless humans, their bodies could survive being destroyed by steel.

The vicious monsters were hungry for blood. They devoured humans for meals and commanded the survivors to build portals after portals. If any of the humans resisted, the winged demons would snare them and carry them to the summit, where they would drop them to die. At other times, the multi-headed beasts would bite and consume the rebellious humans and swallow their hearts. Under their rule, the world was violent and hopeless. Humans were almost driven out of existence.

Despair gives birth to greatness. When a mortal rises up with an unbreakable spirit, a hero is born.

The Kaheer and Whisper tribes allied together to defeat the demons. After a long journey, the powerful warrior Santa Kaheer and the Whisper leader Brandon arrived at the sacred tree. Once solidified into amber, its discharge may be the most powerful weapon. It could easily cut through any powerful demons after being gifted with ancient magic spells.

The brave humanity had to pay a heavy price. The demons were eventually defeated by Brandon and Santa Kaheer. The demon king was decapitated and Santa Kaheer drove the legions of demons away, announcing victory over the First Demon War.

In honor of outstanding people, this land was named Sindia Continent.

The people chose Santa Kaheer and Brandon as their new leaders after their independence. Everyone was working feverishly to repair their homes. Warriors and sages rose to prominence as role models. Everyone was ecstatic about the restored tranquility.

Humans, on the other hand, were far too naive. They were unaware that human and demon anatomy, as well as fatality, differed. A beheaded person is a corpse, while a beheaded demon is only a sleeping demon. Humans decapitated the demon king and threw his body off the cliff, thinking the ordeal was over.

The demons were scattered, but they sensed their king's presence. They combed the cliff's bottom under the cover of night until they finally found his body after numerous futile efforts. Thousands of demons banded together and offered themselves as sacrifices in order to restore their great ruler.

After his return, the demon king did not command any attacks. Instead, he hid in the shadows, watching innocent people. The two warriors with their amber swords made him very nervous. He discreetly stowed away all of his fellow demons, waiting patiently for the ideal moment to strike.

Humans began to explore the region they now called home after the horrific persecution ended. They crossed the continent's borders, discovered adjacent islands, and established city-states in the most hospitable areas. Everything was perfect.

Days passed slowly, until their heroes Santa Kaheer and Brandon were no longer young. Brandon died from war-related injuries a decade later. Meanwhile, the once-militant Santa Kaheer became pregnant and prepared to give birth. The kingdom's glory was waning fast.

If not right now, when? The demon king took advantage of the situation and struck. It was past time for vengeance. He made the decision to exterminate the human race from Sindia.

Santa Kaheer, the pregnant great warrior, was losing ground. Her folks were in distress. People didn't know how to use their amber swords effectively without Brandon around. Only their flesh and blood served as defenses. Santa Kaheer opened Brandon's spell book in this time of life and death to invoke Brandon's blessing of the holy swords. The holy amber shot out bright light rays the moment the enchantment took hold, making the demon king recall terrifying recollections of his dismemberment.

"How is this possible?" The demon king was stunned. "My plan was intended to be foolproof."

Santa Kaheer was still as sharp as a whip, despite her inability to leap 33 feet in a single hop.

She bounced through the crack in the boulder until she was level with the demon king.

"You will never again see the light!" To the demon king, Santa Kaheer said. The demon king was beheaded before he could even utter a retort. Before it hit the ground, the severed head let forth a strange laugh. Santa Kaheer pondered aloud as the air around her began to heat, "Is this what happens before an explosion?" It is now too late to flee!

Santa Kaheer put her hand on her stomach and flung a large boulder in front of her, hoping it would resist the blast. A loud explosion occurred. In a moment, the demon king's body erupted in flames. His heart, which was still pumping and feeding the flames, was all that remained of him.

The sky had become a stunning purple color. The entire valley was trembling. The heat liquified nearby soldiers, and the boulder in front of Santa Kaheer melted as well. The blazing pain caused the renowned warrior Santa Kaheer to scream. With her left hand, she picked up a stone and tossed it at the demon king's heart, but the stone dissolved before it got there.

Santa Kaheer dropped her head and stroked her tummy, as if in surrender. People were swept up to the sky by the magical hot wind and vaporized mid-flight. Santa Kaheer was holding the spell book. The wind blew it open, ruffling the pages as it went and a strong blue light blasted from the pages all of a sudden.

Santa Kaheer noticed a familiar silhouette in the blue light and asked, "Brandon?"

"I'm just a shard of Brandon's magic," the figure explained. "I knew there would come a time when you would need my assistance, and I didn't think I'd be able to outlast you. Because I'm a part of him, you can call me Brandon as well. Why did I feel the need to highlight that I'm only a sliver of his magic?” Brandon whispered something to himself.

"You tiny lioness, are you still relying on barbaric forces?" Brandon asked, raising his eyes to Santa Kaheer. β€œIt appears that I will have to use my wits once more. This is the final time. After that, we'll have to say our final goodbyes."

Brandon's face became more serious as he began to sing the spell.

Santa Kaheer's and the soldiers' holy amber swords began to melt and change into a massive bubble encapsulating the power. The amber bubble gradually closed in on the demon king's heart until it was completely encircled. The heart fell to the ground the moment it was grabbed. Thereafter, Brandon's brightness faded quickly.

Please stay tuned for more details from the official novels Devil War, Wordy Mage and Crazy Girl.

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