How to Play Bomb Park?

Bombing has Never been this Exciting

Players need to have a gunner and Mobile Bombs. The gunner mainly adds various additional attributes, such as blood, mobility, and attack power. The Mobile Bombs are the main fighting force, each with a different set of exclusive skills and killing techniques and different positioning. They can be classified as defensive, attacking, supportive, controlling, or comprehensive. Up to 5 V5 combat, players are divided into two teams to take turns, with the goal of destroying the opponent. The key to victory is to understand the characteristics of the Mobile Bombs, players' skills, and teamwork!

Game Modes

Exclusive competitive mode: 8 or more Mobile Bombs to participate (no limit on entry threshold during the event). Players need to have stamina which can be obtained in a variety of ways and Space Tickets which are very valuable. It can be exchanged 1:1 for USDS.

Players start the game by staking Mobile Bombs of Space Tickets and then play against each other, with the winning team eventually taking the losing team's Space Tickets. If you are good enough at the game, you can earn a large amount of Space Tickets and exchange them for USDS. This process is bubble-free and can be earned forever.

Competitive mode also requires Space Tickets thus more earning opportunities!

Casual mode: It's completely free, but you can't earn money!

Conquest mode: In the second quarter of the launch, we will make the conquest mode public. This mode only requires collecting a sufficient number of Mobile Bombs and gunners to send your own corps to conquest mining, generating some passive income. Details of how to play are strictly confidential, all we can reveal is that there is also no risk of steady gains from the conquest mode, and it even helps with your competitive mode!

Defeat the world BOSS: Players can kill the world BOSS that appears periodically through a reasonable mix of teaming, understanding the skill characteristics of the BOSS, and obtaining precious NFT, which is worth a fortune! We do not promise to make this feature public, it all depends on the size of our player community.

3V3 Classic Mode: Players are divided into groups of 3 to fight.

5V5 Classic Mode: Players are divided into groups of 5 to fight.

1V1 Duel Mode: Two players fight to the death.

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