Game Guild System

Unique Guild Economy System

Sindia Game Guild is an exclusive game mechanism for WarSindia. Depending on the number of guild members and the total quantity of guild territory, it is divided into three levels: basic guild, hero guild, and legendary guild. To form a guild, players must purchase guild territory and recruit guild members and they must expand the guild territory to upgrade the guild level. The guild is a buyout system and there are only a few of these three levels of game guild available. Residents of Sindia can apply to join a guild for free.

Game Guild Territory

The guild has its own guild territory. Each guild territory is a sacred Sindia continent region that is independent. The guild territory's secret feature is that it can create guild-specific resources including but not limited to crystals and runes, weapons and equipment, minerals, etc.

Guild Member Rewards

Passive income can be activated if the number of members in one guild exceeds 10% of the overall number of guild members (rewards unique to the guild can be obtained in the game). Each guild level has a different reward: basic guild members will receive an additional 3% game reward bonus, hero guild members will receive an additional 5% game reward bonus, and legendary guild members shall receive an additional 10% game reward bonus. Guild lords can raise the guild's level significantly, allowing all members to benefit from the highest award boost.

Guild Lord Income

The guild has its own shop, blacksmith shop, task hall, and guild advertisement, among other things. Guild lords can freely establish prices and sell unique resources produced by the guild territory such as elements that enhance hero runes, forged artifact shards, unique runes, etc. Guild task halls allow members to actively accomplish guild tasks for rewards and guild lords have the right to tax and afterward collect these guild taxes from guild members.

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