Era of Carnage

Happiness Church | Sindia Chronicles

The Happiness church is an extreme faction independent of the faith followed in the capital of Sindia and does not promote the path of balance. It was initially founded by Henry Hampth, the brother of the current Sindian King, Norman Hampth III. Henry Hampth III, after failing to claim the throne, was exiled by his brother Norman, now the reigning king. Unwilling to engage in fratricide with his brother, Norman chose exile for Henry. However, the exiled Henry considered himself the rightful heir to the throne and could not accept his fate. Therefore, he established the Happiness church, gathering all those dissatisfied with their lives in Sindia. The church propagated the idea of abundance and equal social status for all, aiming to establish a utopian society where resources are shared by everyone.

The Happiness Church attracted many warriors to join its ranks, believing that under the church's rule, Norman's kingdom's corrupt and unjust reign would be replaced by a better life for the people of Sindia. Wealth would no longer be concentrated in the hands of a few elites, but rather distributed equally based on needs, ensuring that everyone could live a happy and prosperous life. The Happiness church's core belief was mutual assistance, with each member serving different roles. The Church of Fire is in charge of fighting, the Church of Water is in charge of preaching teachings, the Church of Wind is in charge of technology development, the Church of Earth is in charge of construction, and the Church of Lightning is in charge of intelligence and reconnaissance. Each church elected a representative to promote collective development and governance.

Despite their diverse roles, all church members were considered equal, and they shared the workload based on their abilities. This system fostered a highly unified, centralized, and efficient organization. Over the course of more than twenty years of development, Henry Hampth's Bliss Sect had grown into a significant force, permeating every corner of the Sindian Kingdom, seeking to recruit those willing to embrace its ideology. Those who rejected the church's beliefs were often viewed as corrupt traitors to the nation and dealt with ruthlessly.

As of today, many Sindian Warriors have come to embrace the teachings of the Happiness Church, hunting down and plundering the wealth of other warriors who do not share their beliefs. The rise of the Happiness church has led Sindia into a bloody era of carnage.

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