Revolutionary Army 3D

Our Characters Just Got Bigger, Better, and more Realistic

Legendary Heroes


Bain: Born in Owara, Sindia's biggest trading city. He is well recognized for his remarkable repair skills and used to own and run a watch and clock shop that he inherited from his father. After an unfortunate incident cost him one of his limbs, he took over the Revolutionary Army from the descendants of Santa Kaheer and inspired the populace to revolt and fight the Crusaders.


Bruno: A young pharmacist who had been helping her mother in the country with patient care and herb harvesting. She then joined the family of walking corpses as a result of the magical abilities of black fire. She is now the summoner for the Revolutionary Army.


Shocky: The leader of the Chicken Clan. Growing up, he had always been more active and curious. He was taunted, picked on, and plucked by human kids almost every week on the way to school, yet his professors always gave him great marks. After being bullied and oppressed while serving in the Crusader Army, he deserted and enlisted in the Revolutionary Army, where he is now the Chief Engineer.

Valiant Soldiers




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