Web 3 Potential

From Web 1, Web 2 to Web 3, Limitless Potential

We are now moving into web3 !

Web1 was where we read the internet, web2 is now where we can read and write to the internet and web3 is different in two ways. Not only can we read and write, but now we can also own things on the internet (via NFT tech) and our experience of the internet will move from two dimensions to three dimensions. They call web3 the embodied internet. Everything we do online, be it working, shopping or playing will become a 3D experience.

Hence, the market opportunity is massive.

The migration of our 2D internet experience to 3D will take some years to get to critical mass and will involve a variety of technologies. Much of the innovation which will affect the mainstream will come from the gaming industry which is leading the way in both user experience and business model revolutions.

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