Amber Hammer

The Maker of the Golden Card

Amber Hammers are unique NFTs

Each Amber Hammer is tradable and is an exceedingly rare item found in the Common Army Box. There are 12 Amber Hammers in total and each has the potential to refine any copy of a specific card hero into a top-tier Golden Card.

The price of the item is determined by each Amber Hammer owner which therefore can vary from one owner to another.

What is the chance of getting the Amber Hammer in the Army Box?

There are a total of 12 Amber Hammers in 200,000 Common Army Boxes. Therefore, the probability of obtaining one is very low and will be identified through a lucky draw determined by a clever formula designed by the team.

Is it possible for Amber Hammer holder to adjust the pricing of gilding and dying services at any time?

Yes! It is changeable at any time. Holders have complete control over the fees which have no upper or lower limit. Any set of cards can be gilded by a player using an amber hammer and golden animation cards can be obtained. The card heroes can be dyed at any time. In the game battle, dyed heroes will gain an extra 3% Float Crystal effect. You're a non-player character! You get to set the price!

Is it possible for Amber Hammer owners to sell their Amber Hammer?

Yes, the 12 Amber Hammers are all NFTs that can be sold by the owner and the price are to be decided by them as well.

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