When Can I Open the Army Box?

Army Box Opening Event

WarSindia will officially hold an Army Box opening event on October 01, 2022.

After the presale of all Army Boxes is completed, there will be an Army Box Opening Event to commemorate before the game's Open Beta begins. On the website's homepage, you can view the progress indicator for Army Box presale. During the opening, specific formulas determine the contents of the Army Box. To maintain perfect transparency and scarcity, these formulas are open on the blockchain. Each box has the same probability before it is opened and there is just a distinction between Common and Premium.

Those who want to open the Army Box will use a specially customized interface created by the team to negotiate the number of boxes they want to open. Within one week, all pre-sold Army Boxes will be collected. At the end of this step, the custom interface will start to randomly open the Army Boxes and distribute their content back to the owner. We will also produce a unique address for our NFT asset at this time.

In the Limited Edition Army Box Opening Event, the Top 4 owners with the largest amount of Common or Premium Army Boxes will receive Ancient Heroes-Big Warrior Woman Santa Kaheer or Secret Talk Mage Brandon. Warsindia officially commits that these 2 heroes are limited edition and will be designed to be the strongest in the game!

Reminder: The game is still under development so events may change.

Why are we holding an opening ceremony for the Army Box?

This is a fantastic way to share the joy of reaching such a significant milestone with the game's early supporters who have been patiently waiting to open their boxes. It's also a chance to honor a group of artists who have committed their lives to envisioning, designing, developing, and producing incredible WarSindia artworks and animations.

The Army Box opening activity could potentially have the purpose of establishing more equitable opening conditions. People may be at an unfair disadvantage in various blockchain games and projects due to time zone differences and we wouldn't want that to happen here in WarSindia.

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