Sindia's Vision and Mission

Future gameplay features will determine the balance of faucets and sinks which will be carefully managed by the developers and later on, decided with the community’s participation whenever necessary. For an elastic supply token in a gaming ecosystem, it is essential to balance the sinks and faucets.

Else, it could cause a serious imbalance and hamper the overall growth of the ecosystem. Therefore, meticulous planning of the sinks and faucets regulates the game token’s utilization so that the unlimited supply does not make it worthless, but rather accelerates activities within this platform.

Also, in the future, we plan to implement several in-game events that would act as "tokenomics levers" and would be strategically devised to influence the inflow and outflow of tokens from the contract. Throughout, the governance token holders would have a say in critical business decisions which influence the ecosystem.

Finally, this is just the tip of the iceberg and over time, we plan to gradually introduce many more elements that would create a demand for both the governance and the game tokens. Although we start as a small group, over time, this platform would rely solely on the collective intelligence of the community that owns it β€” the $SPT holders.

It is worth noting that this tokenomics only lays down the initial framework to establish the tokens and the platform to which they are connected. The goal is to raise funds, plan the distribution of total supply, and lay down the reward mechanism.

However, the ecosystem is not confined to this framework, which is foundational in nature but not conclusive. So, community members can expect it to grow and evolve according to market trends. To adapt to the need of the hour, proposals would be made from time to time. The $SPT holders would then vote on it and based on the community’s decision, a proposed strategy would be implemented.

The platform's growth strategies would be guided by its tokenomics which, over the years, would create and mold new scenarios where we will have a substantial amount of burn, healthy staking rewards, and an efficiently managed treasury to ensure long term success, network distribution, and exciting new product avenues.

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