Creating a Powerful Microeconomy

The Space Guild platform is on a mission to create a powerful microeconomy that revolves around guild territories or virtual lands that are controlled by Guild Lords or Owners. They are responsible for the Guildโ€™s growth and based on their decisions, a guild may be classified as Basic, Hero, or Legendary. This classification is made based on a particular guildโ€™s total land ownership along with membership which is crucial for reward distribution.

After all, the Space Guild platform has a slab-based reward bonus distribution mechanism that is tied to the guild levels. As a matter of fact, the entire process of guild classification and reward distribution is recorded and tracked on the Ethereum blockchain. So, there is a great deal of transparency with regards to asset ownership and reward distribution.

Basically, these incremental levels are designed to create a competitive environment and to compel guild owners to grow and develop their individual guilds, which in turn contributes to the platformโ€™s overall growth. Besides reward bonuses, the platform also has other revenue sources such as guild territory buyouts, exchange of digital collectibles, task completion rewards, and much more to ensure the platformโ€™s steady growth.

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