FUC Contract Information

If you want to buy FUC here is all the information that you need to know:

🐨 Token Name:

FUC (Funny CoinοΌ‰

πŸ”— Contract Address:


πŸ¦„ Listing Platform:


πŸ€‘ Listed Trading Pair:

Funny Coin (FUC) / USDT

🌐 Chain:

Arbitrum one K-line URL: https://ave.ai/

On Uniswap website change to ARBITRUM network to buy FUC

Please copy and paste the following contract address on the Select Token button to purchase:



There may be panic buying in the initial transaction of FUC. In order to purchase normally, please ensure that you have enough ETH (Gas) and USDT in the Arbitrum ONE chain for transactions. If the transaction fails, please try to reduce the purchase amount.

πŸ€‘ Please invest appropriately according to your own situation. Our promotion is still going on. We constantly partner with more blockchain media to share FUC.

πŸ’ͺ With the joint effort of the team and our community members, we will surely work wonders and grow to be the No.1 in the Arbitrum chain!

Buy and Share Funny Coin at App.Uniswap.org!

Please share the wealth, share the FUN, share FUC, and Let’s go!

More info here:


🀘 πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ€‘ Let's Go Warriors!

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