Sindia's Economy is Built by Everybody

Sindia's worth is represented by the game and Sindia's economy is built by everybody. This is a fair way for everyone to earn. The higher the price, the better the reward.

Economic Models

Many people think that blockchain games can enable you to earn tokens and make money through playing games, but is this really the best way to do so?

If you didn’t know that one of the main drawbacks of gamefi is that the coins produced are just not that worthy anymore and generally, they just keep dropping in value.

When we designed SINDIA, we thought that having a large number of players would be beneficial for the game. Accordingly, we devised a system that allows players to complete tournaments and earn tokens. These tokens are what advertisers need to purchase for advertising purposes thereby increasing the demand for them. As we know, the higher the demand, the higher the cost would be.

As you can expect, if millions of people are playing the game and your company's marketing and advertising are embedded in it, the potential for increased value is considerably greater.

But it won't just be games; we'll have E-sports events that can draw millions of spectators and help our economy.

In the next few months, we will be launching the following one after another:

  • A union system

  • Social Media for E-sports

  • Streamer rewards

  • Comprehensive Metaverse platform

It is worth noting that our plan is comprehensive and subversive so you could expect nothing but the best from all of us.

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