Game Play

Elements and Tactics

Players have to collect different lands, build a solid air fortress and use different heroes to attack and fight against the enemy until they destroy the opponent's core building and win.


Before the battle, players must collect lands and assemble lands with unique landforms. There are several types of landforms and heroes and soldiers must fight on these lands or risk falling into the abyss.

Frozen Land: Players can not load any building here. It slows down the moving speed of the journey to the unit.

Hot Land: Just like frozen land, it is not possible to load any building here and the journey to the unit will be slightly damaged.

Steel-Bar: Here, players can load any structure. When the life value of defense towers reaches zero, it will be destroyed after 3 seconds.

Normal Land: As compared to the other forms of land, this specific type can support any structure.

Notice: Every round game only uses four pieces of a unique land.

Defense Tower

To defend against enemy attacks, players must construct various types of defense towers. Defense towers come in a variety of sizes and functions that one can consider and match before the war.


Choose three heroes to enter a region, attack, and destroy opponent buildings and cores. If the hero dies, a resummon will be required with a set time limit for the CD. The following components will be necessary: runes, hero skills, and equipment.

Hero classification:

Tank, Attacker, Supporter, and Conqueror

Tank: Large-scale injury absorption.

Attacker: Skilled in inflicting severe injuries.

Supporter: Good at supplying blood which causes more disruption.

Conqueror: Skilled at attacking buildings and can give priority to attacking specific building objects.

Barrack: A common soldier will occasionally attack the opponent's core. After the military camp is destroyed, this round game will not be recreated.

Before the battle, be aware that there are four types of military camps to pick from.

There are also four categories of heroes.


Commander Skill: Any player can choose three commander skills as backup to assist their own heroes in moving forward. Commanders' abilities can direct intervention on the battlefield.

WarSindia games usually last between 2 and 5 minutes.

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