Marketing Tasks

Generating Revenue Through Marketing Tasks

Guild members can generate revenues in the form of rewards for completing certain simple and straightforward marketing tasks. These are great for new members to get started because they can earn rewards for simply following a particular game’s social media handle or promoting posts by re-sharing them on their accounts.

Besides social media, there could be other promotional avenues like Telegram channels or Discord groups that one may have to join. As soon as the task is complete, the guild member who has successfully completed it receives FXP tokens as rewards. These FXP tokens can then be swapped for AirDrop opportunities or other rewards.

Cross Collaboration

The Space Guild Platform works in collaboration with other games like WarSindia, whose members qualify to join the guild for free. Besides participation, this collaboration can also be witnessed in the marketing tasks.

Space Guild in ETH

The Space Guild game is built on Ethereum, which is one of the most reliable blockchain networks. Given the current market volatility in the crypto landscape and the Terra Luna crash, it is a much more stable ecosystem for a budding project.

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