Chapter Two

The Birth of the New King of the Southern Capital

In the Southern Capital, some palaces have remained dusty for a long period of time. Those lavish palaces, which were meticulously constructed for the royal family, were never used. The Hampus family was never idle. The great-grandfather had spent decades on the battlefield and died not long after returning to the fief. Grandfather rode thousands of miles across the country, working hard to issue a succession of proper decrees.

Auston recalls meeting his father late at night as a child. He didn't know where his father went every day, but he could feel his father's temperature touch his head when he returned. His father occasionally purchased sophisticated toys from the accompanying vendors and after explaining everything, he would take them out of his pocket and share them with him and his younger brother. The eldest son, on the other hand, is treated strictly at all times. The Hampus family, who advocated for simplicity, forbade the eldest son of the Southern Capital King from experiencing the royal family's opulence. The eldest son, like most ordinary individuals, chose to spend his time studying and working.

It took generations to explore the enormous Sindia continent and great work to ensure that living was comfortable. Cotton planting from the mountains has been tried on the fields for more than ten years, but it has yet to be successfully planted on a big scale. There was word that the temperature had dropped a little and my father's duty of preparing this year's winter garments had not yet been completed.

"Dad, how do you work untiringly every day and when will you be done?" asked the 5-year-old Auston. "Dad needs to work until he's 50, 70, or even 100," Hampus responded. "Well, Dad, you just have to work until you're 45 because when I grow up, I'll help you work!" Auston replied. He could also say some childish things to his father when he was younger and his father's brows would not furrow.

On the ruins, the Sense Flower will bloom, and Desire will come from the place of prosperity.

The restoration of a country necessitates the assistance of abilities. Their self-control enables them to understand how to balance the power they wield. Their intelligence enables them to comprehend the government directives required to reach all individuals. Their forbearance makes them fearless on this path. When they achieve all of this and make our country strong and successful, all of the hardships fade away with the dust of the past.

Auston knelt in front of the casket, closed his eyes, and decided not to think about the red mark on the brilliant red flag anymore.

"Your Majesty, to die for you is the pride of my father and the glory of the Hampus family," he continued to lean forward, his forehead touching the cold floor, a drop of tears dissolved into the ground, and he spoke with sincere feelings.

When Bill swung his final sword with all his might, the wandering warrior on the other side finally ran out of steam and threw the scabbard out of his hand stepping back a few steps. Faced with this scene, he seemed surprised, but he accepted it calmly with a smile at Bill, jumped off the ring, and declared the battle over.

"Hey, what's your name?" Bill exclaimed as he stood on the stage, panting. The wandering samurai simply waved his hand and walked away calmly. This war was sadly won, not because Bill was braver or more strong. When the physical condition of both sides was compared, the wandering warrior was found to be weak due to long-term drinking and traveling. Bill benefited the most from his youthful body. It appears that if you want to be a warrior, you must also keep your body fit and disciplined.

Bill, on the other hand, was in a good mood. With thunderous applause from the crowd, the referee proclaimed that he had won. This young lad had just won his first battle.

"Good guy, where did you come from?" said a jovial voice over the din of the crowd. "I'm from Nali County, Southern Capital's strongest border fortress," Bill joked.

What could be more deserving of praise? He planned to write to his father late at night, describing the first war victory and letting his father know who was the family's pride and joy, as well as sending Grandpa his trophies.

"Have you heard Lord Hampus is going to see the battle? There seem to be a lot more contenders this year." "As is customary, Lord Hampus should take an oath with us, but I'm not sure why he didn't come this year," said someone nearby. "I've always wanted to see Lord Hampus," someone remarked. "My father claims that Hampus is the greatest monarch in the history of the Southern Capital, that he is an excellent justice and committed to the people, and that he is the reason why the Southern Capital is prospering now." "It's also for you to declare that Lord Hampus makes the Southern Capital more dazzling. All the people are faithful to him. I must win the match and allow Lord Hampus to present me with the champion hat and put on the Hampus Warrior Ribbon which symbolizes pinnacle glory."

The lads in the vicinity were booing, gloating, talking, laughing, and fantasizing about the day when they would be a hero. They went on arguing: "It is said that the Lord's youngest son is stubborn, quarrels with him often, and makes him angry a lot." Bill laughed with them, employing the method his grandfather taught to rejuvenate his muscles and regain his power while listening to them chat about big and small things.

Bill remembered the prior gossip and asked, "Is that the young prince named Oliver? Did he also participate in this fighting event?" Although the royal family naturally has the right to use holy amber, compared with the arrogance of other royal families, the Hampus family has always been very close to the people. The gossip about Oliver is the evidence. Southern Capital's vibrancy has been boosted by its successful company over the years. People have come from all across the country because of the welcoming social climate. The Southern Capital is a special place.

"Everyone mentioned that, I'm not sure whether that's true, but if it is, Oliver will be the first prince to compete in a civilian competition." someone responded.

Bill said insightfully, "Yes, we may battle in the same posture as the prince."

Bill learned about the horrors of the past from his grandfather. All civilians were slaves and property of the slave owner who controlled their lives and deaths. Hundreds of years later, the noble prince can fight with citizens. This is the pride of the Sindia people and the Sindia continent. Every person of the Southern Capital can live with dignity and strive for a better life.

"This is the splendor that Lord Hampus bestows on us," everyone thought. "I will vow my loyalty to Hampus to the death."

The king regards the minister as a brother and the minister regards the king as a partner. The king regards the minister as a servant, whereas the minister regards the king as a common relative. The king regards the minister as trash, while the minister regards the king as an adversary.

Thousands of people participated in the Competition Event to bring Hampus glory on this sunny day.

However, no one knew that thousands of miles away in the Kingdom's capital, the blood of their King Hampus had already run into the soil and evaporated.

Auston's blood is practically concentrated from the long and cold night, and deciding whether to die easily or live hard is not an easy choice. The heavily guarded Sindia Palace obscured all the darkness and hundreds of miles distant, the South could not hear Auston's call; this was not the moment for vengeance.

"My nid, I have lost my closest friend. How terrible my heart is, how should I face my teacher, your grandfather?" The king leaned down and embraced Auston like a loving elder comforting a younger generation. He grieved rashly as if he had lost the most valuable treasure.

Auston did not object and was obediently cuddled by the king like a baby. He began to cry with the king at this point and was unable to speak until the king spoke again. "My kid, your father is gone. The Hampus family can’t end. I need you to cheer up. Remember your father's instructions and carry the burden of the Southern Capital to safeguard my Sindia Empire. Explore the territory and protect the Southern Capital for me, okay?"

"I am young and ignorant and I did not learn much from my father's experience. At this time, my father has abruptly gone. I am afraid and unqualified for Your Majesty's trust. Please reconsider."

Auston has been guided for over 20 years. Even if he isn't a seasoned politician, you understand what that implies right now. The capable father has passed away and he is still so young. If he cannot handle today's situation effectively under the watchful eye of the ancient king, he fears that it will be revealed tomorrow that he is in profound sadness over his father's death and that he fell into the river causing impending pandemonium in the Southern Capital.

"Our ancestors once swore together that the Kingdom Capital will be ruled by us. The other four capitals will guard the Kingdom and the South is your Hampus family's inheritance. How can you dodge responsibility as the eldest son? If it will not be protected by the Hampus Family, who will guard it?" The king's voice rang in his ears as if he was questioning and mocking.

"Your Majesty, all the land belongs to you, and you decide where they belong." Auston replied after silence.

"Auston, I declare in the name of King Sindia that you will be the new king of the Southern Capital from now on. You will disguise your name and be called solely with your surname so that the grandeur of Hampus will return to the Southern Capital."

Southern Capital had lost its monarch the last time the decree was published; the emperor issued another edict and Southern Capital now has a new king. Generations create friendship and alliances.

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