Whitelist Rules

Bomb Park Whitelist

For the Bomb Park Whitelist Competition, there will be a total of 500 Winners, and the breakdown will be as follows:

Top 50 = 40 Space Tickets

51-250 = 10 Space Tickets

251-500 = 5 Space Tickets

Out of the 500 winners, the top 50 players in the standing will each receive 40 Space Tickets. The top 51-250 players will be given 10 Space Tickets and the top 251-300 players will be given 5 Space Tickets each!

As an added benefit, the 500 winners on the whitelist will get more money back for every 10 Bomb Park Epic Boxes you buy. You will also get a payback of 820 USDS and 30 Space Tickets if you are whitelisted but if you are not whitelisted, you will get a payback of 800 USDS and 30 Space Tickets.

Take note that every 10 boxes you buy will give you more cashback and an additional bonus.

Here's the link to participate https://bit.ly/BombParkWhitelist

The Space Ticket is soul-bound and you need to unlock it through battles. Note that playing the game is the only way you can earn Space Tickets. These Space Tickets can be redeemed for USDS later on at a ratio of 1:1!

As our way of giving back to our loyal supporters, the holders of WarSindia and Eternal Brawl will be given a free Bomb Park Epic Box.

Join BOMB PARK Whitelist Competition now: https://bit.ly/BombParkWhitelist

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