The Combination of Gaming and FInance

Gaming and Decentralized Finance, or the GameFi is the next iteration of the blockchain technology. According to Forbes, the GameFi sector is already an $11.6 billion dollar industry with a daily trading volume of $2 billion (Forbes, 2022). It is estimated that this sector would surpass $50 billion by the end of 2025 (, 2022).

The most plausible explanation for this anticipated growth would be the scalable business model of GameFi platforms. Basically, the foundational model of a GameFi project involves the creation and growth of virtual lands, but its true success is directly impacted by the business strategy and how that propels the platform’s growth.

The Space Guild project is built on this model and consists of virtual lands called guilds that can be monetized as the player progresses through the levels. With that said, let us further discuss where Space Guild stands in the GameFi arena.

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