Chapter One

Southern Capital Fighting Tournament

"In the name of the Sindia continent, we swear that beautiful Singa flowers will bloom on the border of the Southern Capital. The warmest southern cotton clothes will be spun for weavers with dexterous hands. The Southern Capital's merchants all over the region will make the most deserted places prosperous. We were born here, we grew up here, we will defend this land with flesh and blood, and we will always be loyal to the glorious Sindia!"

In the huge fighting arena, all the voices from thousands of people are earth-shattering. They are the children, also the future of this land. The pride of a nation is forged in blood, proud from its descendants. The main reason is that the Southern Capital is very peaceful and orderly, even if the Revolutionary Army has rebelled for hundreds of years. Everyone here enjoys the happiness and tranquility brought from their lord. On this land, fairness is the most important principle.

The Lord of the Southern Capital, Hampus, gave the holy amber as a reward and distributed it fairly to the battle winner. No one can really tell how impressive the holy amber can be. The legendary Elf King can transform into a magical being by using holy amber; the Galen warrior of the Northern Capital, who could lift mountains and rivers 30 years ago, can now lift a mountain range after being given holy amber by the king; the most intelligent female Judicial minister obtained absolute rationality and fairness from holy amber, and the cases she dealt with are well-known throughout the country. There are numerous examples of this. The miracle of this famous land's creation is written down in history books and future generations will marvel at the wealth that hasn't been seen in a thousand years. Above all, Hampus' clan is responsible for bringing the holy amber to the general public. The valiant warrior from the city, there must be sages in the land. Allow the sparkling pearls strewn around the mortal world to shine even brighter.

"As a brave warrior, I will win the Southern Capital martial state and receive an award from Lord Hampus himself; this is the most glorious life!" Bill arrived in the Southern Capital, the son of a small town, one month ago, stood in the martial state with tens of thousands of people, and secretly said to himself. Bill, like all the young people, wears a zealous and confident expression on his face as he wields the long sword he received from his grandfather. Bill is certain that the world requires heroes. Even though his current life is more prosperous and comfortable, he continues to wave the tuck day after day, allowing Grandpa to repair his mistakes over and over again till today, in order to demonstrate his strength.

After the oath ceremony, the martial arts battleground opened the tournament. The round battle arenas began one-on-one duels in the order chosen by the draw. The falling down or surrendering criteria seemed extremely reasonable. It doesn't matter if you're a teenager with a frail body or a mountain racer standing over 2 meters tall; as long as you start the duel, your opponent is irrelevant. The only option is to win.

A tall man with a tuck was battling with a small noble boy with a tuck in front of Bill. Ethnicity and other races are thought to have contributed to the fierceness of the tall and sturdy man. He's around 2 meters tall and muscular and he's swinging a falchion and slicing him mercilessly. Dodge purposely depletes his physical strength in order to deliver a lethal strike later in the game. Although the duel did not produce a winner, the adjacent gladiator erupted in acclaim. A petite female archer with a sad countenance had already beaten her opponent off the stage as Bill raised his head. Only the closely packed arrows shot a few inches down into the muck beneath the stage can be seen in the arena. She jumped off the stage after the referee announced her victory and stood triumphantly on the stage to prepare for the next round.

"What's her name, she's amazing." "I heard her name is Helin. She is the daughter of Nantes County State Archery Regiment Chief and she is a family' chevalier." "Helin appears to be my opponent,"

Bill observed as the woman walked away. Only such an adversary can add to the excitement of this adventure. The warrior's mission is to defeat the powerful. Helin must first qualify to stand in front of him before becoming his opponent. Standing on the stage is not the same as standing under the stage, Bill realized as he studied his opponent. Unlike Bill, who had been raised in the greenhouse at home since he was a toddler, he swallowed anxiously and subconsciously, looking at the wandering warrior with a vicissitudes face in front of him. He can tell he is an experienced guy by his body form and his expression appeared serene as if doing a trivial thing.

Bill pulled his long sword and saluted his opponent who returned his salutation, but he did not draw his weapon. Bill became irritated by this and swung his sword faster. Nobody knows if the other party dodged on purpose, but he simply drew his scabbard to defend himself afterward. Bill was a fit young man who didn't mind working out for long durations. For a long period, this traveling warrior abused the young swordsman. The initial defense allowed the opponent to figure out Bill's strategy and launch an effective counterattack. In his first battle, Bill had no reservations and used all of his abilities. Young people are unprepared to make mistakes, unaware that battling is a life-or-death challenge. It wasn't until Bill felt increasing pressures that he knew he was not entirely under control and a chill ran down his spine. Is his journey coming to a close right now? Bill became really agitated.

Just as the Southern Capital Martial Competition was about to commence, the royal edict from the Central Capital King was conveyed to Hampus' eldest son. His father had hurriedly left a few words and gone some time ago. The edict arrived in an unusual manner. Auston, Hampus' eldest son, was 23 years old, young and steady in the Southern Capital King's style, and he meekly received the messenger and listened to the proclamation.

"The glory of the Sindia Continent, Bernard, the 36th generation of the King of Sindia, summoned the eldest son of the South Capital King and quickly followed the King's emissary to the royal capital. Edict come, all lands obey, the king's glory shines on all things, and the people of this land will be blessed," the messenger announced and the king's guards surrounded him.

"Follow your Majesty," Auston said, kneeling on one knee. He instantly followed the envoy and set off after that. After a half-month journey without stopping, he eventually arrived in the royal capital. He went to the Palace without washing and waited for the king's summons.

"You mean he hasn't asked a question or addressed his father for the previous half month?" the elderly king queried the black-clothed messenger as he lay on the couch with his eyes closed.

The black-clad messenger knelt in the dim light, his face obscured by the darkness, and his speech seemed distant in the vast palace. "Yes, Your Majesty," he responded, "for the last half month, the Son of the Southern Capital King has been very faithful to you with praise words, and humble when I ask. I didn't slack a bit on the way to the Capital. The will to arrive here is stronger than us."

"Haha, no wonder a descendant of Hampus. Praise in words and humility in actions reminds me of my master, who assisted me for 20 years. They truly came from the same family." the king said. "Let him wait in front of the Palace and don't forget the great gift I arranged for him." he sneered, then rose up and ordered.

Auston hurried the entire way, making him appear very ashamed. Standing upright in the hall, his physique appeared worn and fragile. He didn't waste any time. The king moved carefully behind the servant, taking his hand up to the throne before looking at the small lad.

"Your Majesty, Auston, the son of the Southern Capital King, has come to meet my Lord who shines on the land as you will always bless us!"

To indicate his respect, Auston instantly bowed to the king and placed his head on the ground.

"Look at you, your grandfather was like this ancient school of pedanticism back then, we are a family." the monarch said. "Get up quickly, kid, let me see you." The king stretched out his hand to point at him and said with a kind smile.

"Thank you, your Majesty, for your mercy. You have given us everything; the grandeur of the Hampus Family is enormous because of you. I dare not slacken in the least." Auston exulted. He kept his head down and spoke in a respectful manner, finally raising his head slightly to avoid gazing directly into the king's eyes.

"Of course, I understand Hampus' loyalty; no one in Sindia is more faithful to me than Hampus. My kid, do you realize what I've summoned you to?" the king asked, rising from his seat and walking away. Walked down the high steps to Auston's side, extended out a hand and patted him on the shoulder as he softly spoke.

Auston dropped his head and murmured softly, "Your Majesty, I don't know what occurred."

"Hampus is a proud family. Our ancestors fought together hundreds of years ago but they have been gone for a long time. Your grandfather is my master and inseparable right and left hand. He has been away from us for a long time too. And your father, who is not only my capable subordinate but also my close relative and friend, unfortunately, has also left us." The night looked sad, and Auston could hear the king's aging breath in his ears, which shook like thunder.

"Some time ago, I looked at the sunset and the vast mountains and sighed that there were no old friends to talk to, so I summoned and called your father to come and ride horses in the mountains and plains with me. I joyfully talked and drank with your father. The two of us were drunk and couldn't wake up when we were suddenly attacked by wild beasts. Your father tried to save me, but he passed away. Kid, your father died to save me." King sighed deeply, telling in deep sorrow, that his words were sincere, and he couldn't help himself to shed tears.

After making his speech, the king turned away and waved his hand, and a group of guards entered the room carrying a coffin. They entered quietly, their faces solemn. They retreated silently after carefully placing the coffin in the main hall.

"My kid, go see your father one more time. I've decided to bury my beloved minister next to my mausoleum and I'll let my Bernard Clan sons and grandkids know about Hampus Loyalty.” The king seemed very emotional, wiped the tears from his eyes, and spoke in the softest tone.

Auston moved his head, then lowered it immediately, and said in a constant tone: "Yes, Your Majesty.”

There are not so many warriors in the Hampus family, most of them are wise. Auston is the same, and does not have the strong physique of a samurai. But now, this young man, outside his hometown, opened the heavy coffin and wanted to see His father's last look.

Auston firmly stared at the dark coffin without blinking his eyes. He saw in the huge dark coffin -the blood-red Sindia flag.

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