Why Play WarSindia?

Unique Characters and Stylistic Backgrounds of the Game

The first blockchain tower defense RTS game with a sandbox construction, PVP, and card collections!

You can pick from the Unique Army: Crusader Army and Revolutionary Army!

You can create your own Air Fortress using the layout of distinct terrain!

You can explore the vast world of Sindia in your own Air Fortress!

You can customize your exclusive heroes with secret artifacts, runes, and skin systems!

You can play for free with the default characters from the game!

You can choose your card sets and strategy, build a unique air castle, and engage in limitless unique fights. Thanks to blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Pay-to-Win is reduced and the game is fairer. Thanks to an innovative gaming structure!

WarSindia Advantages

Play To Earn: Participate in competitions to obtain forged and enhanced game assets, which may then be converted into NFTs and traded on the open market.

Real Asset Tradable In The Market: All game assets can be traded and exchanged for cash in the market, thanks to blockchain technology.

Transparency and Trust: Everyone in the game can see how many arrow towers, heroes, minions, artifact fragments, amber hammers, runes, skins, and other items there are, and can trade and use strategies with a complete grasp of the market.

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