Omens of War

The Lost of a Continent's Peace [NFT Novel 1]

This continent hasn't been calm for long, and the old man who still has lingering fears about the long-lasting tragic war in his memory has not yet passed away.

As usual, he recounts the tragic and heroic events of the past, including the desperate conflict between the Crusaders and the Revolutionary Army, but no one is willing to listen. His youngest grandson will likewise pack his belongings and embark on a voyage to Sindia's Southern Capital, where the story of heroes has evolved into a saga that is eagerly pursued by the public. Set sail for the Southern Capital of Dreams, where the people of this era have created Sindia's miracles: a hundred-meter-high trade building with artillery and swords on the highest floor; exquisite palm-size houses that can hold hundreds of people; the entourage wandering knight in Wudu that cannot be shown in public.

In the spectacular Southern Capital, the youngest son of the Southern Capital leader is known to be extremely stubborn yet people are drawn to the tall and powerful man. Most intriguing and curious, the body of the Syngnor is buried in the most tightly guarded spot in this land. According to legend, the heart of the Syngnor has been suppressed, and Sindia Land has been calm for hundreds of years. The Sindia Continent can only prosper when everything is in order. But there is an untold dark myth that this odd Syngnor would awaken at some point and bring calamity to this region.

The joyous site of the Nandu, however, obscured all of the Syngnors. The Grand martial competition event is held in the Capital once every three years. The warriors of the 18 city-states that make up the Southern Capital are pursuing avenues to glory and fortune.

The shooter tightened his arrow. The armored warrior's machete has been sharpened for a long time. The nobles and troubadours dress in armor that is both practical and adaptable. Thousands of kilometers distant, a massive group of warriors galloped down the main route. The mystery witch revealed himself and summoned his apprentice. The elves who had escaped the world changed their appearance and marched grandly into the capital.

This struggle of bravery and strength will begin, with the ultimate winner receiving the most valuable prize: Holy Amber. This country was ruled by Syngnors thousands of years ago, according to legend. Syngnor's King was vanquished after the two heroes crafted weapons out of holy amber. Later, the Holy Tree that produced Holy Amber was destroyed, and the land began to generate a type of transparent crystal that is beneficial to humans, hence the name Holy Amber.

The blood of Sindia people will become braver and stronger, the elves' bodies will become more nimble, and the shooter's precision will improve. It is said that the first emperor of Sindia defeated hundreds of Syngnors with Holy Amber, and that it has since become a symbol of power and courage, guiding his people to victory.

No one does not revere enormous power, and no one does not seek Holy Amber's trust. With the start of the Southern Capital Grand Martial Competitions, a growing number of warriors loyal to Hanpus, the Lord of the Southern Capital, have shown up. Powerful forces will surround this fertile land. At the same time, as the lush country begins its Carnival, spectacular red blood spots under the ice-covered snow layer spread across the Northern Capital, posing a threat of breaking through the glacier flowing up. Castle Lord Gesh took command and ordered his subordinates to investigate the strangeness.

The Southern Capital is nothing like this. The Lord of Eastern Capital, located on the remote island of Tander, has a policy of bestowing Holy Amber upon the Royal Family. Every member of the Royal Family is very certain to acquire Holy Amber baptism, which is nearly impossible for civilians. All of the people's voices were muffled under the King's Mighty, and they were waiting for the storm to arrive. The Central Capital region encompassed and guarded Sindia's 48 cities and states over thousands of miles and the previous generation of monarchs inherited the throne for 48 years.

Bernard, the Supreme King of the Sindia Continent, is already old. Sitting on the high throne, listening to his own heavy breathing, all beards have turned white. For a King, this is the most insufferable thing.

Bernard studied Hampus, the bold and astute Lord of the Southern Capital, who was kneeling in front of the Palace. At first glance, his strong and steady frame gave the impression that he was a formidable fighter. In his domain, his executive directives are extremely fair and effective. His area is prosperous and wealthy. The most essential issue is that everyone knows the Lord of the Southern Capital in the 18 cities and states of the Southern Capital, but no one knows the Bernard Clan, the Lord of Sindia, making the monarch about to die suspicious till now.

"Your Majesty, the Hampus Family's loyalty dates back hundreds of years; now, and every day thereafter. I swear to always be faithful to the Sindia continent and loyal to you," he murmured modestly. His palace had recently been discreetly surrounded, and he knew what it meant. He has whisked away from the Southern Capital in stealth. Despite having numerous opportunities to resist, he chose to obey orders and come here to meet the most faithful heart of His Majesty.

"The Hampus Clan is always so humble. Your father has served as prime minister for 20 years and is just as humble as you. But how do you prove your loyalty? You raise fighters and win the people's trust; is this for the kingdom or for rebellion? Everyone has been harassed by the revolutionary army, and there is no rebellious revolutionary army under your rule. How do you make me believe in your loyalty, or do you mean that you are the master behind the revolutionary army and you want to replace the world?" The aging king reprimanded.

"Your Majesty, I have no such plans! The revolutionary army is too oppressed by the poor, and we can no longer demand severe taxes. Only in this way can the revolutionary army vanish and the world be genuinely calm," Hampus replied.

The king screams blood and is filled with despair. "The devil has undermined your devotion and you are going to become a rebel. In the name of King Sindia, I shall sentence you to dye the Sindia banner with blood, to your father, your grandfather, your great-grandfather, and others' glory, and apologize!"

The king jumped up and exclaimed loudly, paying no attention to his citizens' wishes, and handed Hampus the harshest penalty possible.

"Your Majesty!" The Royal guards swarmed forward, covered Hampus's mouth, dragged him to the scourge, and proceeded to carry out the horrible punishment. The laurel crown signifying Southern Capital Lords was stained with blood, and the young lord died as a result of the King's suspicion.

Can the warriors of the Southern Capital understand their lord's grievance? Will the Hampus Clan's heirs be able to avenge their father? The aged King became increasingly violent and bloodthirsty and the continent's peace was lost. Restart everything!

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