Token Launch and Alpha Testing Season

April 2023 Update

As the start of a new gaming era, we are making significant improvements to the entirety of the Space Guild Metaverse.

Due to market development factors, the suggestion of the board of directors, and in order to better align it with the broader goal of the Space Guild Metaverseβ€”fun and entertainmentβ€”we are changing our Governance Token from SPACE TOKEN to FUNNY COIN as part of the change and we are launching this token really soon.

Additionally, we updated the Space Guild logo from a medieval design to a cyberpunk and contemporary one that better reflects who we are today.

As part of our never-ending surprises for all the loyal Warriors, Brawlers, and Bombers, we are officially starting our Public Alpha Test of Sindia Chronicles. This test will only be available from April 13 to April 20 at 8 p.m. Australia time. Everything will be deleted after that.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to the official mailbox: Based on the comments from the Warriors, we'll make the necessary adjustments and draw some surprise rewards.

Burning Treasure Chests and Free Airdrop

As we proceed with another development, we carefully consider the community's viewpoint. We made the decision that they can preserve 100% of their WarSindia Army boxes since our pioneer supporters, the Warriors, do not want to burn their boxes.

It doesn’t end there. We will Airdrop Warriors 5% in Space Tickets of the Average selling price of their boxes for their loyalty, patience, and understanding.

For Common Army Boxes, we counted 9 USDT.

For Premium Army Boxes, we counted 18 USDT.

You will then receive Space Tickets and these Space Tickets can be used for later battles to win more revenue! These can also be staked and withdrawn!

Anniversary Event

We will Airdrop Funny Coins for our Anniversary Event! Just log in and bind your wallet in WarSindia Chain Center to receive Funny Coins airdrop.

For 1 Common Army Box, you will get 10 Funny Coins.

For 1 Premium Army Box, you will get 20 Funny Coins.

We only have 7 days to take advantage of this rare opportunity. In order to finalize the statistics, we need 3 more days before we can officially launch Sindia’s Arbitrum on-chain on April 25th. If you miss this event, you have to wait until the next anniversary. The boxes are still on the chain normally without any event rewards.

Guild Partnerships

In our effort to organically grow the community, we have established partnerships with different communities and guilds to strengthen our player base. As our economic system requires not only investors but real players, we are looking into more existing guilds to partner with.

With the upgrades we are making, some of the links of the space guild have also changed and these are the official links now:

Space Guid :

WarSindia :

Eternal Brawl :

Bomb Park :

We are looking forward to seeing you in the next public non-deleting test and the test of our other games!

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