Is the Game Pay to Win?

Pay-to-Win Mechanism

The practice of purchasing in-game items that offer a player a significant edge over other players is known as a play-to-win mechanism. Games that allow you to acquire better items or manufacture better stuff at a faster rate than everyone else makes the game unbalanced, even for those who have the ability in the game but couldn't afford to pay. Others even make the games so pay-to-win that players lose interest in playing in the long run.

We assure you that WarSindia is not a pay-to-win game because you may unlock all of the characters and most of the items simply by playing the game and earning float crystal rewards that are used to upgrade and level up. With the game items already in your Army Boxes, there isn't a need to continuously spend money just to play the game. Also, the game data has an upper limit that anyone can attain.

In the Sindia World, strategies and ingenuity are the keys to victory.

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