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Eternal Brawl

A card game with well-known figures from various ages and genres, like Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Genghis Khan, Merlin, and Hercules.
Eternal Brawl has been added to Space Guild's expanding library of play-to-earn games available through our Guild System. It is the first web3 game that integrates Play-To-Earn gamefi and competitive card brawl. The biggest feature of the game is a collection of famous characters from mythological history all over the world, such as Odin, Shiva, Goku,Tokugawa Ieyasu, even Elon Musk and Martin Luther King.
The characters and cards are indeed all well-known historical individuals, but the most telling details are the abilities of the characters. Each character in the game has a unique skill that corresponds to the historical character's persona, activities, strengths, weaknesses, manner of death, and historical events that they took part in.
No matter which country the players are from, they can find heroes in their own culture in Eternal Brawl! Each hero has special skills and sound effects that fit their historical background, and they are all special NFTs! With unparalleled value! Eternal Brawl supports up to 8-player in the game. Players have different identities: kings, knights, rebels, and careerists. Players can choose their favorite hero to fight, and skillfully use the hero's identity and skill advantages to help them win huge rewards! The original culture with multiplayer competition helps the cultural exchange of different countries and can be welcomed in any country, so Eternal Brawl has huge market potential.
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