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Sindia NFT Novels

Bear Witness to the Actual Sindia Documentary
Sindia NFT Novels
We honor heroes who have made significant contributions to society. We encourage individuals with great virtues and the potential to change the tide to reach the highest point.
We combat the terrifying Syngnor till the very last second. We erected magnificent sculptures to commemorate Sindia's glory. We were born for pride in the past, we were local until death, the Greatness of Sindia People forever!
Sindia Coast View with Brandon Monument
The Story of Sindia Continents will be written in 6 NFT Novels. 15 novelists from around the world are collaborating on this creation and three warriors from the top 100 Alpha Float Crystal Rankings will be selected to own their copyrights. The other 3 warriors will be determined from future activities and events.
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