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What is WarSindia?

Development of Commitment
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We don’t play by the rules. We make the rules. WarSindia is of the people, by the people, and for the people.
WarSindia is Beyond Simple!
Allow me to tell you why we are beyond the ordinary.
To maintain WarSindia's influence, we will devote 90% of game revenue towards global marketing campaigns and the design of the WarSindia Metaverse game. We are preparing for a business discussion with expert media advisors and strategic partnerships with well-known global drama series firms like Netflix, SYFY, and the CW to prepare for the impending audio & video drama series production of WarSindia Metaverse. In addition, 15 novelists from around the world are collaborating on the WarSindia NFT novel creation. Furthermore, exclusive music videos from musical ensembles from Ireland and England will be produced.
The most exciting aspect is that we will have frequent global E-sport tournaments, create a tens of millions of dollars super prize pool, and recruit professional game anchors to maintain WarSindia's legendary status as a Metaverse game.
WarSindia aims to create the World's Biggest Boutique Game Dreamworks, with our game on one hand and the backing of a global original boutique E-sportsfi team on the other.
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What do you think? Let's explore WarSindia!

WarSindia is the first-ever Metaverse game to integrate powerful NFT heroes, competitive tower defenses, and PVP. Hidden relics, intriguing props, skins, and runes will provide players with a thrilling adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting lands, building towers, and constructing air fortresses. Unleash your talents in runes to craft your hero combination. Once you are all set, it’s time for you to join the crusade of Sindia!
As one of the pioneers in cross-chain games, WarSindia can run on Ethereum, Polygon, and more. During the presale, each lucky buyer will receive valuable, unique NFT props which will not be available through means other than trading with existing players.
WarSindia is a work of art created by the world's best game development team, which has published games in a variety of styles and scales. Hearthstone, League of Legends, God Eater, and Stone Age alumni make up our crew. In addition to an original NFT novel and character biographies, our high-quality cinematic video game will feature intricate 3D character design. We also have a separate investment fund set aside for our future Netflix game-based television series. WarSindia is on its way to becoming the ultimate metaverse empire, with video games, entertainment, and literature as its foundation. Unity, a high-quality game engine, was used to create the game. Our team also constructed a universe for gaming entertainment while working on WarSindia.
It also emphasizes character heroes, soldier upgrades, artifact casting, fortress tower defense building layout, and terrain selection, with stunning visual effects that transport players to a mystical universe.
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