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Quarter 3 Update

Howdy, Warriors and Brawlers! We have a lot of exciting news to announce.
We have made great efforts and at present, the 3D reconstruction of WarSindia is about to be completed. According to the development log, the WarSindia test mode will be available to serve you in December and we will select a group of players from the Army Box holders to participate in the test.

Guild upgrade:

We cooperated very smoothly with gleam, but due to gleam's anti-cheating mechanism, the mobile version of the guild could not successfully complete the daily tasks for a period of time in the past, and could only be completed through the web browser of PC and Mac. However, this problem has been solved. Now, you can use your phone to complete guild quests and get daily rewards. At the same time, we plan to increase the ways of obtaining FXP, reduce its difficulty, and allow participants to get more generous rewards.

Double the surprise:

We reset all 2D materials to 3D in order to improve the visual effects of Sindia's construction and battle. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the 2D material part of WarSindia can also come in handy. We are trying to use the 2D material part to build a WarSindia MMORPG game called the Sindia Chronicle which tells the story of 1000 years before WarSindia. Yes, here you will meet the legendary heroes of Sindia, Santa Kaheer, and Brandon. Embark on a touching and epic adventure with them.
Compared to WarSindia which focuses on competition, Sindia Chronicles is more suitable for casual players. The game will share Army Boxes which means the use and burn consumption of Army Boxes will increase and early holders will get more value. But since the sale of Army Boxes has ended, the only way you can get them is to buy through our next official exchange.

About the market:

Our data team has detected that the Chinese Community is very active with 62.8% of our sales coming from the Chinese market. Thanks to the promotion of our strong Chinese community leaders. We are honored to provide game services for the Chinese community and we have plans to launch an exchange and social media platform for them. We have customized interesting functions for the platform that subvert the existing industry structure. Currently, various functions are in the confidential stage. A detailed function preview will be released in October. Space Token will become the platform currency of this exchange and our social media.


As we all know, we are committed to creating the largest and most diverse WEB3.0 entertainment ecosystem. In order to optimize the player's experience, our technical team is developing an encrypted currency wallet for the whole platform, connecting all our games, social media, and entertainment.

More surprises:

After five months of development, the ecology of Space Guild has developed tremendously. We are a real development company and we do not have any loans, so you don't have to worry about global interest rate hikes. We do not have high financing and interest burdens. The members of the team are 100% devoted to their work and do not have to worry about financial risks, so you also have no risk. The bad economic environment has little impact on us and everything is going on normally. As you can see, we are making it a value-for-money ecological project and we did not finance or borrow money because we positioned the space ecology as a real industry. We have no bubbles from the early stage of the project, which can also ensure that everyone's investment is safe and will not shrink.
Not only that, but at the end of this year, we will have two games (Eternal Brawl and Code Name: Bomb) available for everyone to play.

Opportunities to make money:

The Space Guild is a project with creativity and vitality. We have hired the world's top business planners and financial designers to create a perfect financial system for investors. We receive a large number of requests every day, asking us to launch tokens as soon as possible (Space Token) but our research team found that the current market investment confidence is not enough and the liquidity of cryptocurrency has been reduced to the lowest value in four months. So, we still need to be cautious about the launch date of the token plan, but this is not our mind. Yes, we want to add more practical empowerment to the token, so we consider that on the eve of the public play of the game, start the token activity to ensure that everything is ready so that everyone can get the most practical and valuable product!
Don't worry, as I said, we're not in a rush to raise money and make money, we're doing our best, to do the perfect job at the moment!
We can reveal some information. The token activity will start before the two games officially launched in December. We also provide token holders with the opportunity to make stable money. Our design team has developed a game that investors can earn and have the opportunity to obtain stable income. We call it game mining and it will provide you with an annualized income of 36%! Remember, this revenue is non-inflated. We are not an ordinary gamefi that will collapse! Our income is lossless which means that your income is real and stable. This income model will run through most of Space Guild’s games. The specific introduction will be announced when the token event or game is released. Currently top secret.
More and more new characters will grace our Eternal Brawl Game
Stay tuned for the next update Warriors and Brawlers! 💪🔥🔱
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