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FUC's Ultimate Goal
The goal of FUC is to maximize the value of NFT assets applied in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games. Its protocol implements automation through smart contract instructions, reaching consensus through distributed network voting based on governance proposals and token holders in a DAO.
● Participate in mining by adding liquidity.
● Establish a balanced ecology between stable finance and game employment.
● Establish a global community for players to play and earn.
● Earn revenue by renting or selling NFT assets owned by FUC.
● Allow the community to participate in DAO governance through proposals and voting.
● Professionalizing the earning money by playing games with no barriers for everyone to participate.
● Creating a stable and secure profit environment for web3 users.
● Establishing its own decentralized exchange.
● Issuing guild NFTs and empowering the entire gaming ecosystem to open up team profit models.
● Changing the way blockchain games are issued and sold.
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